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SPECTRM007 - Markings

As promised, one week after SPECTRM006, we are proud to present SPECTRM007, beautifully blended by the man-like Markings. This podcast takes a slightly different direction to Marcx’s 006, drawing more from the darker side of bass orientated music. It begins deep and mysteriously, with ‘Etched Headplate’, a classic from Burial, before moving into some of the best techno cuts around right now, including ‘Control’ by Shifted, and the chest rattling bass of Endian. It progresses nicely into some hard hitting UK Funky styles, including the acidic sounds of ‘Kleer’, the brutal A side of the most recent release on Forefront Recordings, and the, erm, ‘collaboration’ of Joy Orbison and Blawan…
Overall a quality effort from Markings, even touching on some hip hop, but the mix particularly comes across as a lot darker than 006, like the winter to Marcx’s summer, even with the artwork to match. Wouldn’t want to give you two of the same mixes within a week would we?

See below for tracklist

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Burial - Etched Headplate [Hyperdub]

Endian – Birdhouse [Nonplus]

Sigha - HF029B1 [Hotflush]

The Vision – Detroit: One Circle [Metroplex]

Shifted – Control [Mote-Evolver]

Boddika & Joy Orbison – Mercy [SUNKLOWUN]

Bobby Champs – Lucid [Pictures Music]

Maelstrom – USSR [Sound Pellegrino]

Regis – Blood Witness [Blackest Ever Black]

Wildfire (Objekt Vocal Remix) [Young Turks]

Elgato - Luv Zombie [Hessle Audio]

Martyn - Elden St. [3024]

San Proper – Rattle (Station To Station) [Dekmantel]

Kowton – More Games [Livity Sound]

Grievous Angel – Kleer [Forefront Recordings]

N.B. Funky - Riddim Box [It’s Funky]

Jam City - The Courts [Night Slugs]

Joy Orbison X Blawan - J Dohla [Dub]

Desto – Remember [Signal Life]

Sinjin Hawke & Lucid - Fizzy Drink [Free Dub]

Girl Unit - Double Take [Night Slugs]

Kahn – Tehran [Punch Drunk]

Ramadanman – Mir [White]

Koreless – 4D [Pictures Music]

J Dilla - Won’t Do [BBE]

Smooth Skin [Deep Medi]

The Weeknd - High For This (Sibian & Faun Remix) [Free Dub]