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24th July 2011



ASC - Samurai Red Seal 011 by Samurai Music

Tasty silver platter

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11th April 2011



Heres a little update on the lifes of Markings and Marc G:

A lot of things have been giving them funny feelings in their stomachs (amongst other places) recently, but the main one has to be the string of compilation albums being brought out by some of our favourite labels, with Hotflush’s offering dropping early this month, and a huge one coming up next month from Hessle Audio, with tracks from our favourite producers Pearson Sound/Ramadanman, and the mighty Addison Groove. Read all about it here.

In other news, Marc G’s finished another track, which is available to listen to or download from his soundcloud. Enjoy.

For those of you who witnessed our performance at Asylum, hope you enjoyed the show, to keep you sweet we gots SPECTRM002 heading your way in April, full of delicious basslines and intense drum patterns, or as I like to call it, ‘2 hours of pure aural pleasure’. Inabit Ladies and Genitals x

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30th March 2011


Quick Update

This week Markings has purchased loads of new vinyls in preparation for a night we’re playing next week. Some absolute gems came through his post including Pearson Sound’s Night Slugs release which he (and many others) are sure to be rinsing for the coming months.

Marc G also purchased WooooGlut so it seems to be ramadanman week for us! Think we’ll be heading to the next Acetate in Leeds on May 6th to aid this fix.

We will probably start thinking about recording Spectrm002 some time in the next week so keep ‘em peeled.

Also we’ll be streaming on Friday from 9 so join us for some new ‘Jack My Swag’ riddims

Much Love,

Spectrmus (The Mysterious Spectrm Tumblr guy)

Acetate Leeds May 6th

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23rd March 2011


Read full review of Like We Used To / Helter Skelter - Kahn on ©

It’s not very often when we both find a tune and rush to tell each other about it. This tune by Kahn is an instant beauty. We are hooked on that vocal.

If you havn’t already, listen to Spectrm001 and give us some feedback.

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