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11th August 2013


SPECTRM018 - Donga [Well Rounded] is now available to stream/download/listen/vibe to!

After a short break over the summer period spent basking in rays of sun we are back with our 18th instalment of the podcast series and a mix from a very special guest, Donga. The head honcho of Brighton based, Well Rounded Records has been collecting, listening and adoring vinyl for the majority of his life and fuelling this passion for vinyl is an unrelenting love of music. The result of such an infatuation is a very talented selector, memorable DJ sets and, here, some bluddy great blends. Throughout the summer Well Rounded have been hosting Friday nights at Brighton’s LIFE Club. The night begins at 10pm on the club’s terrace and it is those early, warming hours that Donga has chosen to showcase in this mix, providing a lovely progression to the mix. Memorable vocal tracks stand alongside slick house grooves throughout this hour journey – a very welcome return of the podcast! Largin’ up Well Rounded, always!


Artwork: Joe Davies


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17th May 2013


White Label from Alex Macdonald on Vimeo.

White Label

nice mini doc about vinyl and our, often emotional, relationship with it.

- Markings

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23rd April 2013


Well Rounded Records - A Top 5 (so far) by Markings

With the announcement that Well Rounded are going to stop putting out music after honouring the remaining releases on the label’s schedule this year, I thought it would be appropriate to offer you my ‘Well Rounded top 5’ in celebration of the label’s success in the past four years.

5) Leon Vynehall - Title #7

Well Rounded’s most recent release (Housing Project), showing that the llabel is continuing to push incredible music from new, talented producers. Brighton regular Leon Vynehall doing his thang. All a havvv is.

4) Outboxx - Blueberry Lemon

This one came out on Well Rounded Housing Project in 2011. It was Outboxx’s second release after their debut on Idle Hands. I’ve never wanted to use ‘Jazzy’ to describe a tune so much, but i’m gonna say smooth instead.

3) XXXY - I Know This (Can’t Be Love)

So i’m writing these selection in reverse and I’m already noticing a pattern of love for Well Rounded vocals. This could be an excellent sub-genre, or make for a fabulous set. THIS ONE, gotta be a highlight of last year, back when it was sunny in April.

2) Gongon & Bad Autopsy - MAG

This one appeared on the Ca$h Antics Vol. 2 EP. Those slick vocals and that rising synth make for a stormer.

1) Deadboy - U Cheated

Well Rounded’s first release and probably my favourite to date. The title track is an absolute VIBE. Donga dropping this on Halloween at LIFE this year was the highlight of the night and would be in my top 3 Brighton musical moments so far (if we’re going to continue this whole ‘Top #’ thing).

Here’s another feature on Well Rounded on Hyponik

Biggup Ash and largin’ up the artists and Well Rounded Records.

- Markings

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28th February 2013


So a month ago i definitely didn’t think i’d be running a night. but here we are.ALL SOUTH COAST HEADS COME TO THIS ONE!
plz lik the page:

So a month ago i definitely didn’t think i’d be running a night. but here we are.


plz lik the page:


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