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19th May 2013




Myler - Blue Madams (Metrist Remix) [Forthcoming]
Kathy Diamond - Over [Permanent Vacation]
Jam City - Metal [‘Memories Of How It Used To Be’ Free Download]
Kevin McPhee - It’s What She Wants [Naked Lunch]
Trikk - Prime Time [Forthcoming]
O.D.D - Trigger’s Drum [Dixon Avenue Badement Jams]
RVDS & Rau - Umbé Data [Smallville]
Ciara - Ride (Marcx Remix) [Dub]
Roman Flugel - More & More & More [Clone Jack For Daze]
Marco Piovesan - E-xperiment 003 (Ground Loop Club Remix) [Gynoid Audio]


Wiley - Snowball (Samename Refix) [Dub]
Breen - H O L L O W [Dub]
The-Dream - Used to Be ft. Casha [?]
Rabit & Strict Face - Much Beef [Dub]
CAS - Drugs Don’t Work (prod. by Mssingno) [Soundcloud]
Cassie - Numb ft. Rick Ross [Datpiff]
Moleskin - Burst [Keysound Recordings]
Etch - See Me On The Road [Forthcoming Vekta Records]
Sines x Kruxx - EFFTIZZY Riddim [Dub]
Rabit - Double Dragons (Logos Remix) [Forthcoming Glacial Sound]

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8th March 2013



Marcx & Markings have put together their charts for March. Ten tunes each. All of which you need in your life.

It’s pretty incredible to see how contrasting our favourite tunes are now, having spent 6 months apart… I (Markings) think it’s a good thing, it ain’t called Spectrm for nothin’

Marcx -
Grobbie - Game Boyz [Islandbass]
Circula - AM PM (Hanga Remix) [Discos Dead Records]
Wiley - Colder (Samename Remix) [Goon Club Allstars]
Rabit - Black Dragons (Shy Mix) [Dub]
Annoy - Newland Ave. [Dub]
araabMUZIK - Streetz Tonight [Duke Productions LP]
5kinandbone5 - Reset [Unknown to the Unknown]
DJ Orange Julius - giv 2 fuqs mane [Soundcloud]
Breen - Takin U Back [Dub]
Lucid - On & On [Pelican Fly]

Markings -
Anima – Feels Like [Free Dub via NOLOGO Soundcloud]
Bovill – Qsg2 [Meanwhile]
Ricardo Villalobos – 808 The Bassqueen [Lo-Fi Stereo]
O&A – Noho (Axel Boman Remix) [Play It Down]
Legowelt – Visions In My Mind [Unknown to the Unknown]
Nick Modern AKA Data – Scene 1 [Free Dub via BBC Experimental Works]
Barker & Baumecker – No Body [Ostgut Ton]
Divvorce feat. Hound Scales – E2 [Forthcoming Fifth Wall]
Jeremih – Birthday Sex (Yarin Lidor Remix) [Free Dub]
Metro Zu – Preach [Mink Rug Free]

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20th February 2013


Favourite Wiley non-sequiturs →

Possibly the best thread on the internet.

 "i got the cheapest pen / London’s under attack you might see me on the news at ten" may just be the best non sequitur in a song ever


- Marcx

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5th February 2013


showa eski

showa eski

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24th January 2013


Wiley Kat - Freeze

Listening through old wiley instrumentals. Having a nice time. Might post a few of my faves.

- Marcx

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22nd December 2012


Best Tweeters of 2012

1. Helix - @helixdelay
2. Guy Andrews - @Guy_Andrews
3. Randomer - @RohanRandomer
4. Wiley - @EskiDance
5. Midland - @midlandsound

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